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Buddy Holly CDs

Welcome to Buddy Holly CDs.  Here at Buddy Holly CDs, we don't just have Buddy Holly CDs.  We have Buddy Holly DVDs, Buddy Holly Tribute DVDs, Buddy Holly Imports, Buddy Holly Cassettes, Buddy Holly Information and Buddy Holly Albums.  Plus all of our Buddy Holly Products are on sale.  And our Buddy Holly CDs are Top Quality CDs (not Burned Copies.  So enjoy your visit at Buddy Holly CDs.

Buddy Holly CDs

Crickets / Holly, Buddy - That's What They Tell Me That's What They Say
Hlts / Holly, Buddy - Story / Hlts
20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best Of Buddy Holly (1999)  
Buddy Holly (1958) Remastered 
Buddy Holly
Buddy Holly Collection (1993) 
Buddy Holly Tapes (1995) 
Chirping Crickets  Remastered 
Chirping Crickets (1957)  
Chronicles (3CD Econ 
Forever 22 
Forever 22 (2001) 
From The Original Master Tapes (1985)
Great Buddy Holly (1983) 
Great Buddy Holly (1983)  
Greatest Hits (1996) Remastered   
Only The Love Songs (2002)
Singles +
Singles +
Buddy Holly DVDs
Buddy Holly Story (1978) Full Frame; Widescreen 
Definitive Collection 
Real Buddy Holly Story (1987)
Buddy Holly Imports
39 Golden Greats  England 
57-59 Rarities Collection  England 
Best 1200 (Limited Edition)  Japan
Best Of Buddy Holly  Australia; United Kingdom
Buddy Holly  Germany; France
Buddy Holly Story  England 
Heartbeat (2004) England; United Kingdom 
Holly In The Hills/Giant (1965) England; United Kingdom  
Only The Love Songs (2002) United Kingdom
Only The Love Songs (2002) England; United Kingdom
Peggy Sue  Holland; Netherlands
Raining In My Heart (2005)  England; United Kingdom
Reminiscing Buddy Holly (Remastered)  Germany +7 Bonus Tracks 
Reminiscing/Showcase (1963) England; United Kingdom
Singles + (2002) Holland; Netherlands 
Singles + (2002) Netherlands
That'll Be The Day/Remember (1961) England; United Kingdom 
True Love Ways  England
Universal Masters Collection  Germany
Very Best Of  Germany
Very Best Of Buddy Holly  England; Germany
Very Best Of Buddy Holly & The Picks  England
Very Best Of Buddy Holly & The Picks
Holly, Buddy / The Crickets (50's) - Chirping Crickets/Buddy Holly (1957) England; United Kingdom
Buddy Holly Tribute DVDs
Music Of Buddy Holly & The Crickets: The Definitive Story (+Bonus CD  Germany
Buddy Holly Cassettes
20 Golden Greats (1978) Cassette
20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best Of Buddy Holly (1999) 
Complete Buddy Holly (1981) Cassette; Box Set
Buddy Holly Information
Part good ol' boy, part rockabilly rebel, Buddy Holly was one of the most innovative and influential of 1950s rockers, both on his own and as a member of the Crickets, rock's first truly self-contained combo. Originally rooted in country music, Holly leaned towards rock & roll after opening up concerts for both Bill Haley and Elvis Presley. Holly was amazingly prolific in the last few years of '50s, penning a string of hits, including "That'll Be the Day," "Not Fade Away," "Peggy Sue," and "Rave On." This remarkable creative streak was only halted by his death in the infamous plane crash that also claimed the lives of Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper. Although he only lived to the age of 22, Holly produced a memorable body of work that has inspired numerous artists
Buddy Holly Collection (1993)  
Greatest Hits (1996) Remastered   

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