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Free Tab For 1000 Miles 
By Dwight Yokom

1000 Miles Dwight Yokum

[E] Runway 4, Flight 209
teardrops fall we start to [A] climb
this window seat proved a poor [B7] choice
it shows a dream that?s been [E] destroyed

[E] Little baby starts to cry
hey, I would to if not for [A] pride
oh, so much...pride it?s [B7] true
it brought an end to me and [E] you

If I could I turn [A] around
set my feet back on the [E] ground
all this plane ride holds for [B7] me
[A] is a 1000 miles of [E] misery

Instrumental Break

[E] I hear the engines, watch the clouds
the whole damn world looks distant [A] now
but I can?t seem to put no [B7] space
[A] in my cold heart and your sweet [E] face

[E] Cross the aisle they?re holdin? hands
feelin? brand new wedding [A] bands
but our sweet gold its gone to [B7] rust
[A] now my life has turned to [E] dust


[E] All this plane ride holds for [B7] me
[A] is a 1000 miles of [E] misery

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